Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Hair Flowers that is now at Dig It in Oklahoma City

I made some new hair flowers that I am now selling at Dig It in the Plaza, in Oklahoma City. I am so excited to have some stuff in this store. I think this is the perfect place to sale my hair flowers I make. It blends in with all the other very unique and wonderful things in the store. So here is what you can find there and if you like something I might be able to replicate it for you. :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Valentine's but these are for the girls!!

So I tried to resist, really I did. But I just had to make more. I was having way to much fun making them and just couldn't stop myself. I really enjoyed making the Valentine's for my boys, but I wanted to make some girly ones as well. After all I am a girl and I like girly things. Well most of the time. :) I do have my Cordelia so I can just tell myself they are for her to make myself feel like I didn't make them all for nothing.

Here is the template for the Valentine's
And here is the template for the Valentine tags
To use the pics on the blog individually, right click them, and choose save picture as.