Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cordi Lou's Rebel Cowgirl Birthday!!

So my daughter LOVES horses and we are not the typical Oklahoma cowboy/cowgirl family so for her theme I made it a Rebel Cowgirl. Although I do enjoy the rustic country items I came across a bit more than I had realized so I guess maybe deep down inside I might have a little bit of cowgirl in me. Most stores carry only the typical cowboy/cowgirl items for b-day parties and I didn't really have a lot of money to be buying it all so I tried to come up with as much stuff as I could to make and also to give it more of a personal feel for my little Cordi Lou. The birthday turned out amazing and I may have went a little overboard, but I would not change a thing. I enjoyed putting it together so much!!

I had seen this on another site and I just can't seem to find it now to give them their credit, but if you look up cowgirl birthday parties on pinterest you will run into it. The kiddos loved the popcorn, but had  give the cones back since these had pointy ends and I didn't need them impaling each other. lol.
Some more of the goodies the kids got were m&ms muddy buddies, caramel apples and of course cupcakes. I got the caramel recipe here It turned out really good, but I recommend going on with the recipe she gives. This caramel is very very sticky and it was hard to even get the wrapper off. In her original recipe she goes on to add white chocolate and cinnamon and sugar.
And of course you have to have pics of the birthday girl. The wanted one was also an idea I found on Pinterest. And the little flower is the hair flower I made her to wear in the pictures. She was supposed to wear it that day, but I never got around to putting it on.
The horse centerpiece was amazingly cute!! And she loves putting her baby dolls on it and letting them ride the horse. I found that horse at hobby lobby on clearance! Originally $70 I paid $14!! I got a steal! The horse shoes were 4 for $10 at a feed store that specializes in horses. I made the tic tac toe board and will be selling those in my etsy shop soon. And the cupcake stands were yet another pinterest idea. (some times I really really hate saying that). Although the ones I saw did not have cute little scenes on the top. I did that. So Ha Pinterest!
The goody bags ended up being really fun. Behind them are two jars that had some candy for the kids to choose from and inside the goody bag was a ziploc for them to create their own trail mix. They had popcorn, muddy buddies, and m&ms for the trail mix. They loved putting it all together.
Close up of the wonderful tic tac toe. Cordi and her brother Dorian loved playing this.
Cordi Lou's cupcakes. The frosting did not cooperate with me. but at least I had my amazing cupcake toppers to still make them cute!
I had a sister who really loved the Root Beer and kept stealing them for the adults. Claiming the kids should not have glass, jokingly of course. She just wanted an excuse for the adults to go home with something so I made this the adult treat.
Some of the outside fun included horse shoes, beanbag toss, and horse races. The kids loved all of that as well.

And remember that cute horse decoration on the wall. That was my pin the tail on the horse game. I really loved this and Cordi now has it hanging in her room with it's full tail and it is just too cute.
Then we had fun with the mustaches! I loved that I even got the big kids to participate in this one.
I have now started a new tradition for my little family. I have enjoyed making the cupcake toppers so much and didn't like the idea of just throwing them away so they turned into birthday wishes. Once you get your cupcake, take the topper off the toothpick and write a wish for the birthday kid and place it in a fun keepsake jar. On Cordi's jar I made a pic saying Cordi's 3rd birthday and will make one for each birthday placing it on the jar to show what all birthdays she got wishes. I will do this with my two boys as well for their next birthdays. I just thought this was a good way to get everyone involved in the birthday and the child will have something to look at when they get older. :) I am also selling these in my Etsy shop.

Overall this is by far one of my favorite birthdays to put together and I look forward to doing more fun things for my other two children.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Valentine Creations.

 Sorry I disappeared for so long, but I have been so busy with Valentines and now a convention. guess the best thing to share first is all my Vday goodies I made. I decided I wanted to do the kids their own Vday cards and you saw those already, but for the teachers I wanted to do something special. So I saw this idea on Pinterest somewhere about decorating bottles for Christmas and Valentines and putting candy in them so I did that for the teachers.
That turned out well and the teachers loved them!! So since that went over well I thought I'd do the same for the kids and James. Dorian really likes The Amazing world of Gumball so I made a Valentine of that and put it on the bottle. Tristian really likes zombies, but I didn't think I could get away with taking him a Walking Dead bottle so I compromised and made him an Adventure Time bottle with a zombie coming through the window. I cleverly wrote "I'm going to get you, Valentine" onto the label of this one. Kind of a throw back to Dawn of the Dead. :) He loved it, but then he saw the one I made for James later and totally wished he had that one. James is the BIGGEST zombie fan ever and he is really liking The Walking Dead right now so I made his with the reaching zombie and wrote "Be Mine!!" on his. He really loved his. So much so that we are making more of these amazing bottles in non Valentine manner to sale at our conventions and such.

When I took the kids their bottles at school on Valentines Day I wrapped them up and stuck their favorite bigger candies in the bag around the bottle. Also to make it really fun I stuck little love notes in their bottles with the candy.

Now I have a sister who lives in the same town as me and we get together every Sunday to watch the Walking Dead together and I just knew that after all the other bottles tuning out so great that I just HAD to make her one featuring her favorite character from the show. Daryl is a very tough guy, but he is also a very sweet guy and just doesn't want to let anyone in since he has had such a rough life and was heartbroken many times in his life. So Johnny just absolutely loves him. So I made her this bottle and wrote "Watch out for Cupid's arrow, he's a tricky little Bastard."  Now she was the most excited I would have to say. When I gave her the bottle she was so excited and held the bottle close to her and has been caught on numerous occasions even since then just staring at her bottle. I was so excited that she loved it so much. It truly made me happy.

Now for James I had to do more and not only is he a big zombie fan but he loves comic books as well, so this idea I actually came up with myself and was totally excited about how it turned out so well. Not that there hasn't been anyone to do it before, I'm sure it has been done before. But anyways I took pre-made Valentine's I found on the internet of comic book pics and put them on a box of chocolates. I would have made the Valentine's myself, but I made this before the bottles so I hadn't thought of that yet. I also knew I had to use the Simpson's Valentine so I just made that on the side. Now the comic book page rose was what I was really proud of. How perfect to give him a rose that he can keep and really enjoy. Next year for Valentine's I just might have to make a tutorial on how to make the rose or maybe I will just make one anyways since you can give a rose to someone on any occasion. So I hope that you enjoyed the post and maybe gave you some great ideas on what to do for a loved one next year.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Hair Flowers that is now at Dig It in Oklahoma City

I made some new hair flowers that I am now selling at Dig It in the Plaza, in Oklahoma City. I am so excited to have some stuff in this store. I think this is the perfect place to sale my hair flowers I make. It blends in with all the other very unique and wonderful things in the store. So here is what you can find there and if you like something I might be able to replicate it for you. :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Valentine's but these are for the girls!!

So I tried to resist, really I did. But I just had to make more. I was having way to much fun making them and just couldn't stop myself. I really enjoyed making the Valentine's for my boys, but I wanted to make some girly ones as well. After all I am a girl and I like girly things. Well most of the time. :) I do have my Cordelia so I can just tell myself they are for her to make myself feel like I didn't make them all for nothing.

Here is the template for the Valentine's
And here is the template for the Valentine tags
To use the pics on the blog individually, right click them, and choose save picture as.