Thursday, April 8, 2010

I got my crinkle blankets back in my Etsy Store!

I figured out that if I made them without the loops that I could make them again. I was so excited! So I have them back up and will be making more soon. I am also trying to decided if I want to make them customizable. That could be cool to do, but I will need to invest in some new materials to give people more choices.
Oh and the other day I sold one of my little dress crinkle toys to a guy that my husband works with. He was pleasantly surprised about how well it turned out. He was a biker guy so I made it from some material with tattoo like images that still looked girly. It did turn out cute and I should have taken a pic, but I didn't think about it. But in making that sale it made me very excited and makes me want to make more. Now I just need them to sale in my esty store. lol.


  1. I love yout shop. Mad About Pink Swap bot

  2. These are very cute!!!

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