Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some new projects I just finished.

I thought I'd share some of my new things I just made for some of my swap partners.

The flower pincushion jar was made for a partner who enjoys quilting, but since I have yet to send it off I will not reveal the lucky one who will receive it.

This box was sent off to mware from swap bot along with a journal. I decorated the box to liven it up some. It is a baby food container. I have so many of these containers and can't get my self to just toss them so I decorate them and send goodies in them. They are good for storing little things like beads and such.

This pincushion jar was made for WhoHistorynHomeMadeObsessed on swap-bot. She had on her profile that she did a little sewing and I was supposed to send her some things she collected so this was her skull thing and I also made her a owl and one of the baby food containers with an owl on it.

I really do enjoy making things for people and I hope that the things I make are enjoyed by the ones who receive them.


  1. Those crafts are so creative, great job!


    druideye for "I want more blog followers" swap from swap-bot - following you now!

  2. very cool pincusion at the end!! I'm elizabeth from swap bot's blog followers. I loved the lace you added!!
    (queen elisheba)

  3. Very pretty!

    Following you from Swap-Bot!

  4. Following from Swap-bot

  5. The pin cushions are super cute.


    OliveNabya from I Want More Blogger Followers