Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Robot Valentine's!!

Excuse me while I jump for JOY!!! I figured it out!!! I figured it out!!! I just made my own, so very cool Valentine's for my kiddo's!!! Not sure who will get these, I can see both Dorian and Tristian loving them.... Maybe I will make another set for them to choose who get's what.... I think I will make more with monsters!! Tristian will love that!

Now if you are curious where I made them at you can make them at Picnik. :) But if you like mine you are more than welcome to save yourself some time and effort and use these. I have made two templates for you today. One with bigger, more traditional sized Valentines (still a little smaller though) and one with tags, much like what is pictured at the top. I think I will be using the tags, just seems better since they are smaller and  will use less ink, and tags are always cute. :) Also for your convince I have copies of the individual pics at the bottom so that you can use which ever card is your favorite. Just right click the images and choose to "save image as". Enjoy and be sure to come back for those monster Valentine's. I am definitely not done playing and will be making them as well. LOL.

For more help making your own, you can check out the blog that helped me figure it out, The Mother Huddle.

Download the Valentine's Here (Best if printed on card stock)
Download a tag version of the Valentine's here (Also best if printed on card stock)

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  1. Those are great! I can't wait to make some of my own. Thank you for the link too.